The Growth of Axie Infinity in 2021

The Growth of Axie Infinity in 2021

The Axie Infinity adds a lot of exciting features to the game’s free flow, making it much more valuable to both old and new players. This Ethereum-compatible game has become a significant source of income for video game players in many countries, including the Philippines, Brazil, and Venezuela. And more game players across the world are discovering new ways to earn more each day. 

The basic foundation of this game is the play-to-earn model, which allows players to get rewards for accomplishing different tasks on the platform. The charges may involve completing questing, fighting and overcoming monsters, and other adventures. When a player is successful at any task, he earns an SLP, which is the reward for victory.

Then, the SLP can be gathered to be sold in the marketplace or converted to cryptocurrency. In other cases, it may be sold for real money because of its value in the market. When you hear of how DeFi and NFT marketplaces merge over an extraordinary hype of a new kind of cryptocurrency, we are in for a shocker. However, it was surprising to learn that the most popular crypto application that everyone has been talking about is actually a game.

The significant game-changer as far as the crypto gaming experience is concerned is the product of Sky Marvis – the Axie Infinity Game. Since the game has worked for over three years, more people subscribe to the now popular application that can pay you for playing video games. But first, how popular is the Axie Infinity game in the first place?

The Axie Infinity Growth

Presently, the Axie Infinity has over 300,000 DAUs, a whopping 30x increase since the beginning of this year. Before then, it had had equally fantastic growth in the previous year as many discovered how much earning potential it had due to the COVID-19 lockdown. However, the change in the Discord of this platform is the absolute parabolic trend it follows, with the machine owning one of the most considerable Discord servers in the world. 

Meanwhile, while considering the level of revenue that the game has generated, you begin to see magnificent numbers. For instance, the monthly payment of the Axie Infinity for July surpassed $23 million. That is the amount of money that people earn from the game. 

Moreover, this amount shoots above the previous month of June by more than double the revenue members you have. It also brings it more into perspective when you consider that the revenue from the Infinity game in January was only above $100,000. Putting all these metrics together, one can easily see the tremendous growth of the game in leaps and bounds. 

At the same time, it shows that the Axie Infinity has been the most prominent and the leading crypto application in the gaming world. However, you wonder why so relatively few people are talking about the game.

What is responsible for the Axie Infinity Growth?

We explore the Axie Infinity game’s opportunity to all who are passionate video game players. The resultant effect is that the game has become a primary way to earn money from playing video games. Particularly, game lovers from developing countries such as Venezuela, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brazil have unwrapped the mystery box in the game. 

Moreover, the newest model of playing game known as the play-to-earn has made Axie Infinity much more attractive to all and sundry. The game can be regarded as an innovator of some of the most recent business models for cryptocurrency. Also, the new play-to-earn model opens up the gaming economy for game players where the game providers and developers can have a great time. It directly benefits all the players who participate in the game.

Earning Potential of Axie Infinity

The current earning potential of Axie Infinity is enormous. For example, existing players on the Axei platform can earn between $30 and $50 in a single day of playing the game.  This reward is also in digital assets through game time. In addition, the users can also earn through another exciting methods such as the Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and the selling of Axies. And the technique of making SLP comes when the players win battles or compete in some unique challenges.

These two ways or types of earnings are the major activities that a player is expected to carry out during play. Moreover, an SLP refers to an ERC-20 unit that can be sold on various decentralized exchanges based on blockchain technology. Meanwhile, as the prices of each SLP rise in the market in terms of dollars, users can earn more money from selling them in the direct market. Users can also sell these SLPs to other players in the direct market. You can read about The move behind the creation of Axie Infinity by visiting

Breeding Axies in the Game

Another way to earn money from the Axie Infinity is through SLP to breed more axies. When a player does this, each Axie develops into a parent that can create multiple teams. Besides, you can also build some traits into the offspring axies that can be useful in winning more games. Through the breeding axies process, a baby axie is born as the offspring and inherits the traits of the parent axies in potential form. 

However, breeding the axies requires some SLP level, which can vary from one parent to another. Also, it hugely depends on the number of times the player has used the same parent for breeding other axies. Although users can multiply axies up to seven times, our suggestion is not to breed a single axie more than three times. This limited breeding will ensure that the offspring axies remain viable and robust. Moreover, it will also preserve the strength of the parent. 

After breeding the axies successfully, players can then sell off the new axies in the open market. Usually, there is a constant demand for new axies in that market because every new player that joins the gaming platform needs at least 3 axies to begin. Moreover, the axies are Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which implies that players can use them or sell them off through the various NFT marketplaces. The marketplaces are also driven by the Ethereum blockchain network. 


On a final note, the adventure of a gamer on the Axie Infinity is unending. And this great potential is signified by the immense growth that the game has experienced in recent years. Moreover, it does not look like it will go down anytime soon. So, now may be a great time to join the bandwagon and begin to rake in some cool cash.